Credible Testimony and Evidence for NCEL Lawsuit

Evidence and testimony that is credible in the eyes of the court Should be FIRST HAND and DOCUMENTED facts, experiences, and knowledge not opinions or here say.
  1. CREDIBLE: You personally observed [first hand] a questionable voting issue or had a conversation with the town clerk or voting official about a voting issue or information. In addition, you might even have audio, video or documents related to this conversation or event.
  2. NOT CREDIBLE: You overheard or read about this questionable voting issue or conversation [as a third party] with the town clerk from a friend, neighbor newspaper, etc.
#1 [above] is MORE CREDIBLE than #2 in the eyes of the court.
If you feel you have credible evidence or testimony FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. You will be contacted by an NCEL team member to help you [if needed] create an affidavit documenting the event which would then be submitted to the federal court as evidence in this lawsuit. No court appearance would be necessary.
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